Thursday, June 2, 2016


BALEARIC CHALLENGE day 4... Let's just go with this track below, because I have done much research and found that THIS track is INDEED Balearic, even if my previous posts have not quite been. At least 37 different experts are willing to back me up this time. There is no way that anyone can deny that this is the TRUE SOUND of Balearic music. OK fine, maybe not. Or maybe so. That is for the lords of Balearic to figure out. In any case I included this song on a DJ mix from 2009 for the great (if you want to check the full mix it is posted to my blog…/secret-circuit-dj… ). Each time I hear this song, I love it just as much as the last. An electronic tropic (electropic?) little number written by the Tropical Dandy himself, Haruomi Hosono from the first YMO LP from 1978. Some seriously melted synth styles abound. Melt away:

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