Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010


Roberto Cacciapaglia ft. Ann Steel...
Italian experimental musician + American super-model = pure genius... Look for the David Zed cameo...

“In my music there is nothing to understand. It is so superficial that I can’t find anything to say. My music is ingenuous, there is nothing inside it and it is for this reason, that I like it. It can be listened to while sipping tea, watching television, or while speaking with a friend. Even in a moment when one has nothing to do or is bored, the music can be listened to attentively and millions of little changes can be discovered. It is certainly not the ideal music; it is just one type of music.

The computer has been indispensable. It is a marvelously poetic instrument that evokes the beauty of the new technologic environment and it gives everything a great artificial taste of grand actuality. This music can be utilized in many ways and listened to by different people, which is what makes me happy because I want it to be accessible to everyone. I would like it to be even more simplistic, in fact, and my aspiration is to uncover it on a weightless day – so weightless, in fact, as to have it fly away like a balloon.”

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dennis Hopper, Double Standard

JULY 11–SEPT 26, 2010

DJ Set, first hour or so...
Wagner- Flight Of The Valkyries
Neil Young- Don't Let It Bring You Down
Little Feat- Snakes On Everything
Mick Jagger- Memo From Turner
Kris Kristofferson- Borderlord
Steppenwolf- The Pusher
Isabella Rossellini- Blue Velvet
The Byrds- Going Back
Love- A House Is Not A Motel
Electric Prunes- I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
Holy Modal Rounders- If You Wanna Be A Bird?
The Band- Up On Cripple Creek
The Strangeloves- Night Time
Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve- Dig It
The Byrds- Wasn't Born To Follow
Ketty Lester- Love Letters
And onwards....
"I'm not a freak, but I like to freak, man..."