Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Deemed "too influential" this blog has been taken away on "hiatus" for several months. This is very unfortunate and the matter will be resolved once an amicable meeting can be scheduled between the minister of progress and the joint chief. All our best wishes go out to the legion of fans who, forming a legion, have expressed so many wishes toward the upkeepment of the station here. Even the head of Google Chrome requested that Synthetic Hearts Club remain the cultural bastion it once was as well. This means a lot to us over here as you could well imagine, I'm sure. I have since been fired by SHC after writing this screed because of differences of opinion, let's just put it that way, so I wont be boring you with this manner often enough anymore. May all of you keep waiting and checking in EVERY DAY, still, in case a post gets posted on the roast. -J. Gordon Flash (Head Chief of Internal Affairs = Brainwashed to say whatever other people want)