Wednesday, March 4, 2015


SOME OF THE REVIEWS: German euro disco, very bad spoken in italian language. A TERRIBLE CRAP!! One of the worst artificial Italo craps of Discogs database. I feel ashamed for authors who have created this lousy and totally unlistenable record!One of the worst romantic pop tracks tagged as Italo Disco, avoid a bad track as. Nothing of romantic, nothing fantastic. A bad chanson / ballad I can't play I can't hear it. A bad production to forget. Trash / garbage music I hate the mexican music style loop, a bad mix of italian pop and trash disco music. I won't spend any money for a bad record as.. another forgotten crap for garbage collectors. Terrible lyrics!! The worst of Italian trash pop music. SUPER MEGA CRAP..... One of the worst Pop Chansons I heard.... SUPER MEGA ITALO CRAP!!! for true Trash collectors 1/5 rating "Pedro agguanta Il Toro" is a clear example of Italian Disco Trash music.... ohhh my god! a lost vinyl on 45... don't search for... don't pay big money for a mega crap as! Disco romantico... -1 rating Fumo un'altra suigaretta.. terrible sound... AVOID!!! FIRST PREMIUM: Disco schifezza I ragazzi di città can't play during a disco party... I ragazzi di città... . sniffano talco nei bar.... Poor song... Vomit effort style!! terrible trash worts of worst,, garbage music for italian pop collectors.... -1 rating Terrible vocals, one of the worst italo wave tracks I heard! :-( Terrible pop song from Napoli, the worst neoromantic style from sud italy :-( -1 rating Italo Disco LP of my balls. Artificial Italo Disco created just for high price sale!! AVOID Shameful release A true ballad crap pop song LP bad pop song Bad sound, terrble lyrics :-( Another shame of italian music, a bad track... I can't listen New pop-crap discovery Incredible italian pop trash crap :-( Pop chanson or romantic ballad in Pupo/Tozzi style, a unlukely and never existed disco hit! Artificial Italo Disco release from novice users. Italo pop romantic chanson of shame. Just a children pop song marked as Italo-disco... The true ItaloDj's can't use this track as dancefloor killer.. Avoid the mega crap records as this! Is juste a waste of money! A.E.I.O.U chisto disco kà fa schifo pure ai Sioux..... HERE

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