Friday, November 2, 2012

Paradise Frame - Paradise Frame (1978)

Full Paradise Frame record up here:

Great Canadian cosmic disco jams on this....

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  1. As a post-vinyl cosmic disco aficionado, I have been waiting years for someone to rip this. My hopes of a digitial/CD release were somewhat high when Private Records recently did a reissue but it seems like the Intergalactic Orchestra LP and a few other choice reissues, it is a vinyl only affair - very sad as the Paradise Frame album is without doubt one of the best examples of the cosmic-disco-electronic-prog mosaic ever conceived by (wo)man and machine.

    Got lots of rare rips, Signus, Skyline, cosmic library a plenty, tons of CDs, arcane Eastern Bloc, Asian 70s disco and so on - so if anyone is willing to provide a decent WAV/FLAC rip for my purely private pleasure, I am sure we can come to some arrangement.

    Great post by the way, to state the obvious, of..well cosmic proportions....