Monday, December 19, 2011

E2 E4

The first issue of Wire magazine that's perked my interest in a long time. Nice to learn that he created E2E4 to listen to on his walkman during a plane flight. Also the fact that it was recorded in passing, just for himself gives it an extra personal magic. In any case, he created a masterpiece of rhythmic trance music.


  1. Worth noting that it took Klaus Schulze 3 years to release e2-e4 which caused somewhat of a rift between them. The official version on the internet differs a bit from talking to the man himself . Apparently Klaus thought of it as "ok",but nothing special ...
    "Inventions For Electric Guitar" live with Steve Hillage is something to look forward to .

  2. Funny, I believe it. The article says that he wasn't sure how to market the hour long recording. Seems odd since there are many preceding krautrock LPs covering two sides.... I will agree it was ahead of it's time. Also nice is the thought that the music itself has changed over time...