Thursday, October 27, 2011

Millioniser 2000 Promo Video Rock Erickson London, England 1983

Walter Mueller, the inventor of the MILLIONISER has left the building.

A sad loss to a daring mind. May his spirit live on in the sweet sounds that omit from the imposing chassis of the MILLIONISER.

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  1. . Walter was a famous harmonica player who entertained in films, grand performances such as the likes of the Queen of England, and was also an inventor. Walter originated The Millioniser which is seen on our website Please feel free to leave your thoughts and condolences on the comment page of for Walt's family and friends. We miss you already dear friend. You can learn more about Walt Miller by clicking the links with his name attached on the site. It is being constantly updated so please feel free to contribute. Ronald Schlimme Millioniser Engineer from the start and myself will keep you posted of the NEW developments of The Millioniser.