Saturday, May 22, 2010

Secret Circuit DJ - Lightning On My Brain

Check this mix for the great Noise In My Head:

Click this WORD.

kraftwerk - les manequins
space art - welcome to love
donna summers - grand illusion
eric von daniken - toktela
dalton & dubarri - hoodoo love
manfred mann's earth band - crossfade
brian eno & snatch - r.a.f.
high climber - cristal wind
burundi steiphenson black - barundi black (part 1)
hal blaine - tune In, turn on
patrick moraz - metamorphosis
david byrne - big business
phil and friends band - this man
jah wobble - it was a camel
disco & co. - phantom rock
michael henderson - solid
roger glover - the fourth ring's with the wind
konk - your life (what, u, want)
claude larson - climax 9
the beach boys - transcendental meditation
harmonia - watusi
dueter - morning glory

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